ZERO GAINS: 2000 – 2009

December 30, 2009

“The aughts pass; essentially for naught…” said Paul Krugman in his New York Times column reproduced in the Strib this morning. Initially, as I reflected on my own path thru the decade, I had to agree that I would not like to re-live or re-experience most of those ten years.

Recessions, terror attacks, misguided wars and mean-spirited politics on a national level; deaths of friends and family members; personal illness-from a serious back injury to cancer scares, and certainly resulting financial difficulties on a personal level – so no, I don’t hope for a repeat!

And yet, friends, family, great clients, some fabulous events, a few industry awards, a rebirth of Creative Events, a whole new world of emerging technology to explore and apply, a new generation of politics and governance…as I think about it, many good things came forth in the last ten years as well.

So, I , too, welcome the end of this decade but at same time, as the Iconoculture newsletter today points out, it’s now a start of a new landscape, filled with opportunities for those willing to seek them out . Since I hate to think the painful parts of the aughts were for naught, I’d rather think that we learned from the mistakes and are ready to move forward putting this transition between very different centuries behind us.

I’d say we are lucky to be where we were at the dawn of the new millennium….it could have been much worse!

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