December 25, 2009

A THOUGHFUL FRIEND said the Peanuts cartoon this morning as it wished its readers “Merry Christmas”.

And indeed, thoughtful friends made my day yesterday, as I drove back from the Rochester Christmas through the storm and prepared to spend the first Christmas Eve of my life alone.

So Merry Christmas, Marylou, and thank you for the phone time last night and the offer to spend Christmas Day with the Krallman clan.

And, a special thanks to Kimberly Cantlon (even though you were calling from a sunnier site) and to KJ (my favorite Forms Queen ever) for the wonderful messages you left on my phone yesterday.

You three made my day and the happiness carried over today as I also missed Christmas with the other side of my family. I’m hoping all three of you had the best holiday ever!

One comment

  1. Hey Cheryl,

    John shared your Blog with me. I too was alone for the first time on Christmas. Iowa would not release me and allow me to return to the Mini Apple. I did go to a Christmas Service in Centerville on Christmas Day. Due to the weather it was intimate, just a dozen of us. Fortunately I had the weekend to come back and celebrate the Season with Johnnie. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year! Congratulations on receiving MM&E’s Lifetime Achievment Award! You’ve definitely earned it.

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