December 22, 2009

My gift shopping was done in October… my decorations and trees were up in November… my holiday party was held the first week of December…my year-end financials are in order and I have checks ready to go for fourth quarter taxes. This year I was determined to avoid that holiday/year-end meltdown with some focused pre-planning!

And then it began.

A routine car maintenance appointment uncovered a sick transmission. We are rolling the dice a bit as it could go tomorrow or in six months – who knows for sure. But when it does, I want to be near Auto-Truck – that means out-of-town excursions need to be limited. So a decision re rental car vs bus to Rochester for the holidays got added to my lists of to-do’s.

The computer upgrades planned for this month were installed last week. New software, new docking station, new connectivity, new monitor, new laser printer and an old brain led to computer failure by Saturday.

A medical situation arose and after doctor appointments and ultra-sounds and inconclusive tests, I am en route to a pre-op for some minor surgery scheduled for Monday…all making that pick-up and drop off of a rental vehicle more complicated.

And of course, there is the weather – with a major storm en route as I contemplate driving in an unfamiliar rental car through a major storm TWICE to get to Rochester and back for the holidays.

So far, so good; I am calm. And then….

As I was pulling the gifts from under the tree to pack for the trip, I was a little “fuzzy” about what was in each, (am I losing my mind?) plus the bows were all falling off. That did it. I had the annual holiday meltdown! Fortunately, I was here by myself, so friends and family were spared. And now that it is over, I can relax, roll with the next week and whatever it brings as I enjoy my favorite time of the year.

May you all have safe journeys and a Merry Christmas whatever your plans. Peace and good will to all!

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