October 28, 2009

Almost killed this cat!

Been hearing from industry friends that a former colleague of mine has been soliciting LinkedIn recommendations from them-which they have been unwilling to give, based on their experience interacting with her.

So when members of that same group started forwarding e-mails from that same colleague asking them for assistance in her job search, I took a minute to read through the message.

My first reaction was one of envy that I do not have that same skill of self-promotion. She does it so well, and it is so difficult for me to ask for help or boast of accomplishments. So thinking, “Good For Her “, curiosity spurred me on, tempting me to check the Linked In Profile.

Again, I saw a well-polished and impressive profile of a capable individual – until I scrolled down to Honors and Awards.

That’s when I almost stroked out!

2009 ISES Award Winner (sic)
Best Event Design & Décor/Best Corporate Event Planning (sic)/Best ISES Team Effort

Quite an accomplishment, I’d say-since those ISES Minnesota Star Awards were earned for an event that was executive-produced by me and was the result of the efforts of a very talented team of event professionals and companies which did not include her!

Took me almost 24 hours to calm down, realize that anyone that understands what the awards were, knows she was not involved, and to let it go.

But the thought that still keeps buzzing in my head is that if it “just ain’t true”, how much of the remainder of the polished profile just ain’t true” either – and why would someone risk injecting that doubt into a recap of one’s life’s work?

I just don’t get it.

But at the end of the day, I give thanks that I have escaped that life I shared with her and am back where I belong-thinking about how the world has changed and a new paradigm of leadership is evolving…one that does not have room for those kinds of antics!

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